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For more than 20 years PLAZE planners works in urban planning, architecture and landscape design. In most projects, the disciplines overlap and concepts are developed combining urban planning and the layout of the public spaces well as urban design and architecture.

​Urban Planning

Our century is an urban time. PLAZE has designed regional clusters, entire new cities, new urban centers, city blocks and urban public space. Urban planning, no matter what size, is a design within an existing system. 

central park, waterfront design
development axis

Careful analysis of the urban context is a crucial start for every project. The urban tissue is made of land-use, landmarks, streets and buildings, squares and parks. And, most relevant, the inhabitants and their way to live, commute and establish social and culture character.

green network
land-use plan, Flächennutzungsplan

PLAZE designs traffic networks with an emphasis on public transport, sustainable and resilient green networks, economic phasing and function layout and landmark and tourism features.



Yellow Sea City


Fisherman’s Wharf 


Architecture is surrounding us, we spend most of our time in buildings. PLAZE believes, that architecture has multitudinous impacts: from the façade design, the impression of the building in the urban context, the internal organization of public lobbies, atriums and functions to separated offices or exclusive residential. Shopping malls need to guide the customers, residential buildings need to offer places for social encounter and private, individual zones.

front facade, entrance plaza, shopping mall
site plan, Lageplan

Shopping malls need to guide the customers, residential buildings need to offer places for social encounter and private, individual zones.

central atrium, shopping mall
central lake, offices, hotel

Architecture is a technical discipline. This includes an efficient and possibly flexible space layout, an efficient structure, energy efficiency and innovative façade technology. From the early design stage, costs and feasibility have to be compared against the aesthetic concept.



Isfahan Shopping Mall


Technology park


Parks and gardens should provide relaxation and adventure, social and encounter and solitude. PLAZE has vast experience for landscape design in different climate zones and scales. 

lake, pedestrian bridges
masterplan park, landsacpe design, Landschaftsplanung

The green area also has become crucial in the design for resilient cities: water retention, storm water hazards, air improvement, water cleaning, heat island preventions are the purposes of parks and public area.

tourism summer activities
toursim winter activities

City parks are designed as an oasis in the urban environment, sport parks provide activities for summer and winter seasons and for tourism projects the landscape connects entrance plaza, beach, forests and shopping villages.

activity ribbon, boulevard, pavillions, benches, bicycle lane

Landscape design includes the design of paths and streets, but also the detail, of walls and paving, lighting, urban furniture, water features and plants and four-season flower beds.



City Park

Pavillion View(1).jpg

Baikal Hotel

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