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Our team has worked on projects for more than 20 years.

We share a vision of the urban environment and building space.

We have  developed methods to achieve these.

Our different background inspires us to take projects from different angles and introduce new ideas to our clients. The long cooperation enables us to solve problems efficiently and provide a variation of solutions.

Stephan Jentsch
Leopoldo Balsamo
Sabine Wutzlhofer
Han Huiyi


Municipalities and government

We custom tailor our scope of service for each project with our clients and discuss the procedure and steps of the service delivery, the team of our experts and the timing with our clients. Our clients include entities from the public and private sector.

Our state led projects include consultancy and planning for large scale urban areas and infrastructure. For these clients we develop strategy and design concepts. PLAZE has been contracted for government projects in different countries.

Government financed companies

Commercial companies

Projects financed by public funding are large urban projects. Our clients in this field focus on single projects and PLAZE has developed concepts with variations and evaluation of chances and risks.

Residential or office developers, shopping mall operators or tourism and hospitality developers are PLAZE’s clients oin this field. The focus here is efficiency in the utilization of the plots, economic phasing, an accelerated design process and a strong expression of unique character and branding.

Partner Companies

PLAZE engages in long-term cooperation with renown planning firms. For large projects and for the local experience we work with partners, who are established in the country and region. PLAZE cooperates with specialised firms to provide complementary expertise. Responsibilities and the division of the work scope will be discussed on a project base and made transparent to our clients.

Among our long-term partners are the following firms:

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