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A new city needs a unique character to become a home for the inhabitants.
Masterplan, urban planning, Städtebau
architecture design, interior design, Architektur
The circulation through a building should be easy to understand, but surprising at the same time.
Parks are an escape from the busy city providing relaxation and adventure, serenity and social encounter.
landscape design, lake and bridge

PLAZE planners is an experienced design practice in the fields of urban design, architecture and landscape. We analyse the existing condition and start to develop from there. We create characteristic places, locations and spaces.

Design is the effort to define a multi-dimensional environment, as a city, a building or a landscape. Place means for us: urban fabric, nature, people, culture and a lot more. We merge what exists with what we envision; to create unique cities people desire to live in.

Our team has worked on projects for more than 20 years.

We share a vision of the urban environment and the building design and we have  developed methods and strategies to achieve these.


Our different background inspires us to take projects from different angles and introduce new ideas to our clients. The long cooperation enables us to solve problems efficiently and provide a variation of solutions.

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