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Karelia Hotel

Reflecting the historic significance and central location of the President’s Dacha within the site, the proposed massing of the new Masterplan retains and complements the existing core relationship between the Lake, the Dacha and the landscaped President’s.

A new linear waterfront with the hotel, the Congress Hall, the Spa and Bath complex, Water Activity Center, the Restaurant Village and various bathing facilities links up with the Dacha to form the new key identity and attraction for the resort. The existing Forest is enhanced with complimenting activities, landscape features and a new trail network and links the more private accommodation units of VIP Villa, Cottages, Duplexes and Glamping with the waterfront.

The hotel sits prominently along the waterfront and its internal street with amenities and facilities like congress hall, Spa as well as restaurants and Cafes plug directly into the waterfront and its string of outdoor attractions.

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